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Winthrop Wealth, Boston

Rebrand for Winthrop Wealth, a senior wealth management advisory firm headquartered in Boston, MA.
Our design guidelines for this identity were to be sleek, clean and uncomplicated, to boldly communicate solidity,
support and growth,
 and to visually highlight the Winthrop legacy. 

Winthrop Wealth maintains close, long-lasting relationships with their clients, ensuring their financial stability 

through the peaks and valleys of life. Symbolizing this narrative, we used a mountain as a metaphor to reflect trust,

stability and grit, true to the Winthrop name.

Art Direction: Karen Dendy Smith  Design: Doug Rickert & Vaishnavi Kumar*  Messaging: 43000 feet. 

*My contribution to this project was designing their identity (shown below).
All further design work since then has been led by the team at kor

Link to see Winthrop Wealth's new logo installed in their office space >

Initial marks that I designed:

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 2.44.00 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 2.44.40 AM.png

Bold, iconic treatment of “WW” with a slanted line on the left suggesting two W's together. The outward stroke of W is an arrow, symbolizing their future-forward approach, use of specialized technology and constant growth, highlighting Winthrop Wealth's legacy.

Wordmark treatment of “Winthrop Wealth”. Here, the subtle modification
of the bold A without a crossbar 
implies the mountain (solidity, support, stability), and the upward trajectory of their ever-growing success.

The final Winthrop Wealth logo was an amalgamation of the above two options. The arrow mark in 'W' in the first option ties in with the 'A' in the
second option. The use of a sans serif typeface evokes a modern and timeless quality.

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