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The Background Check

While I was at kor group, we presented a set of logos to a collaborative team of stakeholders for “The Background Check”,
a brand to spread awareness and advocate for safer gun laws in the USA. One of the main intentions was to partner
with consumer brands to carry this symbol on their products / in stores and help make sensible gun laws mainstream. 

Art Direction: MB Jarosik, Anne Callahan  Design: Vaishnavi Kumar

(The following work is my contribution only, and does not include the other work presented by other members of kor group) 

Selected concept & mock-ups for how brands can represent the symbol


I illustrated a stylized checkmark, rotated and reflected the icon to create a heart-like symbol. It can be perceived as a heart, as the wings of a flying bird, or a comforting hug.

This mark evokes unity, warmth, love, and safety.


Mock-ups showing how big and small brands can carry the brand to show their support for safer gun laws

Other sketches

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 7.27.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 7.27.02 PM.png
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