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A visual representation of social taboos on menstruation in India.

In several religious communities and traditional households, there are numerous restrictions on what a woman may
and may not do while on her period. Upon hitting puberty, the woman is celebrated and showered with blessings and presents.
Ironically, she is also forbidden from entering a place of worship, auspicious events, cooking or entering a kitchen,
touching certain food and even playing any sports due to her "impurity" at this time. In some households, she is even forbidden
from engaging with the rest of the family and stays in a designated part of the house, isolated from all normal activity.

This 1:1 scale A1 poster documents the irony in being celebrated vs. shunned for the same activities, and the hypocrisy in the way
South Asian women are treated even in present times.

Tabletop Poster.jpg
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