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Pine Street Inn, Boston

Pine Street Inn is New England's largest homeless services provider, offering a comprehensive range of services to
nearly 2,000 homeless men and women everyday. In 2019, Pine Street Inn celebrated their 50th year of operations
which was the central theme for all their events, for which I designed the following collateral at kor group.

Art Direction: Anne Callahan, Design: Vaishnavi Kumar

50th Anniversary Save the Date postcard invitation, custom illustrations of one of Pine Street Inn's housing properties against Boston's skyline

50th Anniversary gala invitation 

50th Anniversary gala at the Cyclorama, Boston with two 100-feet long murals showing Pine Street Inn's housing properties with Boston's skyline.
kor group. Team effort: Vaish Kumar, Brittany Latham, Jim Gibson

WBUR & Pine Street Inn event invitation, postcard

Home Remedy invitation, 5 x 7" gate fold

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