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12826 Miles in 96 Hours

Video montage of a very hurried mid-semester trip halfway around the world and back; Boston—Kuwait—Boston
in the span of one weekend. Being a visa holder of the country I consider my home (Kuwait) but a citizen of
another, my life and travels have been dictated by my visa status.  I captured every moment of this trip to give viewers
an insight into the absurdity of going on such a long, arduous journey only to spend 48 short hours with my family.

My hope for the future is a world in which the label on your passport does not determine how often you can go home;
a world in which traveling is more easily accessible, and every human receives equal opportunities. 

Nikon D5100 & HTC phone, edited on Adobe Premiere Pro  |  Music: "Comin' Home Baby" by Mel Torme + Electro Swing track

Notice the Little Things

A stop-motion animation based on Krista Tippett's interview with Maira Kalman (New Yorker illustrator, writer, artist & designer).

Link to podcast:

Music: "State of the Art" by Gotye


A silent claymation visually depicting the various meanings of "jump". Nikon D5100, Adobe Lightroom & Premiere Pro.

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