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Lines / Divide Show: "Tapestry of a Third Culture Kid"

Lines / Divide, a show at Boston East Gallery curated by Joshua Duttweiler* brought together nine Boston artists to
reflect on the divisions made concrete and celebrate the differences that bring us together.

Tapestry of a Third Culture Kid is a layered papercut installation (25" x 40") that serves as a visual answer to the
frequently-asked question, "Where are you from?" Raised in a traditional South Indian family across 6 countries, my life
has been rather nomadic. Born in Kuwait; I spent the first 10 years of my life hopping between 5 Arab countries,
moved to India in 2011, and subsequently moved to Boston in 2016. Therefore, “home” is more than just a physical place —
it is a hybrid of emotions, an endless collection of memories. Home is a multitude of experiences related to culture,
travel, displacement, inspiring people, family, language, shared stories and self-discovery.

We may be divided by physical borders or varying world-views, but looking beyond them can bring us together.
By blurring these lines, we are more mindful of different cultures and their customs; helping create a cross-cultural tapestry
of understanding, empathy, adaptation and integration. 

Emoting through intricately layered motifs, this piece celebrates the home(s) I grew up in and their borders, relationships
that have acclimated to changing timezones and distances, language, music, tradition and spirituality; and most importantly;
my parents’ journey from very humble beginnings in their hometown to overcoming obstacles and achieving success
in a completely different culture. 


Each pattern has been cut freehand and intuitively from paper. The motifs are inspired by forms in nature to symbolize
these narratives, while paper as a medium represents the transience and fragility of home as a concept for third culture kids." 


Images from "Lines / Divide" at Boston East Gallery. All photography by Joshua Duttweiler.

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