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Liminality // They Went Back

As an artist, how do I visually represent the anthropological concept of “liminality”? Liminality means a 'threshold'.

On analyzing the idea of being in a liminal space; a period of ambiguity, where the cause and outcome are somewhat known
but the transition is undetermined, my family's experiences during the 1990 Gulf War came to mind.

I chose to highlight an incident from one of their many experiences, when my father was at a supermarket in a neighbourhood
that was bombed and my mother was unable to get in touch with him. Terrified because there was no way to reach him,
she took my sister to their neighbour's house, leaving my dad a note in our native language, Kannada. He came back and found
them 1.5 hours later. What particularly struck me about this story was the power of language. More importantly, one realizes
its impact when one's part of a minority community. Combining the idea of 'coding' information through native letterforms with
airport codes routing their escape itinerary, I created a layered poster installation with scanned handwritten content, vellum
and layers of dirt and sand stuck to the paper, which add to the overall narrative.

These posters were on display at Juxtapost, a poster exhibit at Midway Studios, Boston in 2019.

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