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Visiting Artist Workshop: Intuitive Papercutting + Composition

In 2019, I conducted an introductory workshop for students of the Graphic Design Summer elective taught by Kristen Mallia.
Titled "Intuitive Papercutting + Composition", this workshop focused on analog form-making and repurposing forms to create new meaning.


Prior to this workshop, 90% of the students had not worked with Xacto blades, and so I demonstrated how to hold the blade, different 
cutting techniques, and how to "draw" using them on paper. After the demo, students were given 45 minutes to cut out
a composition without sketching beforehand, and another 45 minutes to reuse the cut-out pieces to create a new composition.

Following this, we had a group critique where we discussed technique, the perception of positive & negative space, removing shapes
to re-contextualize them, depth and the illusion of light & shadow, and the importance of using mistakes to our advantage. 

Photos from the workshop

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