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Hey there! My name is Vaishnavi Kumar, but you can call me Vaish. I'm a visual designer with experience in branding, animation, events, photography, art direction, and exhibition work. 

Raised in an Indian family across the Middle East, and having moved to the US and now in Kuwait, my life has been rather nomadic. In my studio practice, I frequently draw from these multi-cultural experiences.​ Design is a medium of story-telling and a platform for building personal connections. With the intention of contributing to a bigger conversation, I strive to create pieces that not only speak to an audience, but allow them to thread their own connections. My work is mostly multidisciplinary, combining digital, print and handcrafted elements to create immersive experiences.

When I am not in the studio, you can find me singing, watching YouTube videos, or most recently, teaching myself to play the ukulele (I can finally strum now! Well, kinda.)

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