Hi there! I'm Vaishnavi Kumar, but you can call me Vaish. I'm an Indian visual designer with experience in branding, animation, events, photography, art direction, and exhibition work. 

Born & raised across the Middle East, having lived in the US, and now in Kuwait; my life has been rather nomadic. In my studio practice, I frequently draw from these multi-cultural experiences.​ Design is a medium of story-telling and a platform for building personal connections. I strive to create pieces that not only speak to an audience, but allow them to thread their own connections. My work is mostly multidisciplinary, combining digital, print & handcrafted elements to create immersive experiences.

When I am not in the studio, you can find me singing, listening to podcasts, or most recently, teaching myself the ukulele (I can finally strum now! Well, kinda.)

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