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Hi, I'm Vaish! I'm an Indian visual designer with experience in branding, animation,  photography, video art & editing, art direction, and fine arts. 

Born & raised across the Middle East, having lived in India and now the US; my life has been rather nomadic. In my studio practice, I frequently draw from these multi-cultural experiences.​ I enjoy combining digital, print & handcrafted elements to create immersive experiences. I'm also a self-taught papercut artist.

When I am not in the studio, you can find me singing, spending time with loved ones, or occasionally binge-watching reality TV shows (we all do, right?) 


Designer, Creative Strategy – kor group, Boston

Design Director – AIGA Boston

Recent Exhibitions:

"Between the Lines" with Daria Nikolaeva & Molly Haig at National Museum of Mari El Republic (Russia); 2021-22

"Align" by Radius Collective at Produce Gallery (Corpus Christi, USA); 2021

Get in touch for full CV/Resume

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